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David “Chaos” Knisley

David first got his start in music playing drums at age 10 and guitar at 15. His main influences were Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot, the Outlaws, Bad Company, Deep Purple, BTO & Grand Funk Railroad. He joined his first band playing guitar in “Sidewinder” at age 19. He auditioned for rhythm guitar, but instead was chosen for lead guitar. After one year playing guitar and singing in a Southern Rock band without a lead singer (though they tried hard to find one), he was offered a spot in a local “working” band “Voodoo Child” as a drummer. Thinking it was temporary he put his first love (the guitar) on the closet shelf and took a seat behind a kit. Where he ended up sitting for the next 35 years. David played drums in Tyrant, Mr. Machismo, Face First, and Festival of Fools.

After over 30 years of suppression, David’s life long dream & desire, of playing lead guitar in a Southern Rock band was re-kindled, and he searched the internet with that in mind. David came across Tom Douthat “Tommy Roxx” a fellow Vienna Virginian via facebook, and spent the next two years thinking about what it would like to be in Nuthin’ Fancy the Ultimate Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute Show. Staying in touch with Tommy on line and by visiting, David’s hope paid off. An opening for lead guitar player presented itself. Wasting no time David “bet the farm” and uprooted his entire household from their 40 acre farm in Harper’s Ferry West Virginia and moved 1000 miles to Clearwater Florida to show that he was “All In”.


David has warmed up the stage (& the crowds) for bands such as: Molly Hatchet, The Outlaws, Ronnie James Dio, Sebastian Bach/Skid Row, Cinderella, Warrant, Slaughter, L.A.Guns, Love Hate, Man of War, and Jason Bonham


David played Ludwig Rockers Drums, and plays his Gibson Les Paul Standard, and Firebird Standard Guitars as well as his Fender American Stratocaster through Marshall Double Stacks powered by Marshall JCM2000 and DSL 100 Heads.

David thanks all of his friends and family for their love and support throughout the years. He also owes a huge debt of gratitude to his lifelong best friend Don Mock, and his late brother James Edward “Jimmy” Knisley for encouraging him to follow his dreams……